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Kool Chord

This update’s Kool Chord is:

D7 (no 3rd)!

What a strange name for a chord, you might say - and you’d be right! But it does express what’s going on within the chord’s structure. The tonic and 5th are still there to give the chord a strong, stable sound. The 7th adds a slightly darker colour and a dash of tension, typical of dominant chords. The absence of the major or minor 3rd emphasises this further. Use it when you want your D7 to sound more ‘hollow’ or ambiguous.

If you experience any audio problems, try stopping/quitting other players such as RealPlayer. Reload the page if necessary.             

Four strings are enough with this version of the chord. The tonic is on string 4 (open), and the dominant 7th on string 3. On string 2 you have an octave above the tonic and on string 1 the perfect 5th .

Fingering: try string 1 - finger 4, s2 - f1, s3 - f3.

Kool Chord TAB

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